George Wilhite

Dr. Wright Gooder

Prof. Steampunk

Whatever name you know him by, this Texas author, educator, and former rodeo clown and cowboy has entertained audiences in the arena, on the stage, and in the classroom.  Born George Wilhite, he adopted the name Dr. Wright Gooder as his SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) name and has kept it for his writing instruction persona. He has also published some short steampunk-oriented stories as Prof. Steampunk. 


George's newest short story collection, The Short Go,

and his first novel, The Texas Rodeo Murder,

are available from Amazon.com. 

Autographed copies are also available directly from the author.

See "BUY THE BOOKS" link below.

This cowboy rock and rolls!

--Kat Martin, The New York Times Bestselling Author




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